Audio files

In this page you will find some tracks from live shows or rehearsals, including some rarities and curiosities. The quality of those tracks is usually not CD quality since they are generally live recordings made by fans.


  Date: 2001 (exact recording date unknown)
  Place: Estúdio Zen
  This is another improvisation from the beginning of the band. The recording quality is similar to other rehearsals from that time (recorded in cassette tapes), but this one is interesting because it was never reused as a theme for our first CD Panorama. This in an atypical improvisation for that time, in that it has a more quiet, climatic mood than what we used to do at our first rehearsals.


Frankenstein goes to Disneyland
  Date: 2001 (exact recording date unknown)
  Place: Zen Studios
  This is a recording taken from Mahtrak's first rehearsal. The quality is poor but it's great historical value compensates for that. Here you can hear an improvised piece which developed into the theme that was later recorded as "Frankenstein goes to Disneyland" for the Panorama album.